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Agricultural Worker Injuries

Knowledgeable Miami Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Dedicated to Connecting Clients with the Benefits They Need to Get Back on Their Feet

Agricultural Worker InjuriesWorking in agriculture is one of the most dangerous jobs in South Florida. The nature of the work exposes you to a variety of risks that can lead to serious injuries. As an agricultural worker, you face hazards every day that can have a lasting impact on your health and ability to work.

If you’ve been injured on the job as an agricultural worker, it is important you understand your rights and what you can do to pursue a workers’ compensation claim on account of your injuries. At the Miami workers’ compensation law firm of Friedman Rodman Frank & Estrada, we have over 45 years of experience handling workplace injury claims on behalf of clients across South Florida, including in Broward County. We have the dedication, knowledge, and attention to detail needed to ensure your claim receives the attention and consideration it deserves and needs to reach a successful resolution.

The Nature of Agricultural Work

Agricultural work involves long hours, heavy machinery, and exposure to harsh weather conditions. You might spend your days planting, harvesting, or maintaining crops, often using equipment that can be hazardous if not properly handled. Additionally, working with livestock poses risks of animal-related injuries. These factors make agricultural work inherently risky, putting you at a higher chance of getting injured.

Common Types of Agricultural Injuries

Injuries in agriculture can vary widely, but some are more common than others. Here are a few of the most common injuries in the agricultural industry:

Machinery Accidents: Working with tractors, combines, and other heavy equipment can lead to severe injuries. These accidents can cause fractures, amputations, or even death if the machinery malfunctions or is used incorrectly.

Repetitive Strain Injuries: Tasks like planting and harvesting can require repetitive motions that strain your muscles and joints. Over time, this can lead to conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis.

Falls: Working on uneven ground or at heights increases your risk of falls. You might slip, trip, or fall from ladders or machinery, resulting in broken bones, sprains, or head injuries.

Chemical Exposure: Pesticides and other chemicals are commonly used in agriculture. Prolonged exposure can lead to respiratory problems, skin conditions, or more severe health issues like cancer.

Heat-Related Illnesses: Miami's hot climate can cause heat exhaustion or heat stroke, especially if you’re working long hours in the sun without adequate breaks or hydration.

Do You Need to Be a US Citizen to File for Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

If you’re injured on the job, you might wonder if you need to be a US citizen to file for workers' compensation benefits. The good news is that you don’t. Workers' compensation in Florida is designed to cover all workers, regardless of their citizenship status. This means that if you’re an undocumented worker, you’re still entitled to compensation and medical benefits under the law.

Benefits You May Be Entitled To

As an injured agricultural worker, you may be entitled to various benefits under the Florida workers' compensation program. These benefits can help you pay medical expenses and your lost wages while you recover and into the future. Some of the benefits you might receive include:

Medical Treatment: Coverage for hospital visits, surgeries, medications, attendant care at home and other necessary treatments.

Temporary Disability Benefits: Payments to help replace a significant portion of your lost wages if you’re unable to work temporarily due to your injury.

Permanent Disability Benefits: Compensation if your injury results in a permanent impairment rating assigned by a physician.

Vocational Rehabilitation: Assistance with job training or education if you can’t return to your previous job due to your injury.

Why You Need a Miami Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Navigating the workers' compensation process can be complex, especially if you’re dealing with serious injuries. Working with an experienced Miami workers' compensation lawyer is crucial to ensure you receive the benefits you deserve. For example, a knowledgeable attorney understands the intricacies of the Florida workers' compensation laws and can help you navigate the legal system. A lawyer can help you gather the necessary evidence, fill out paperwork correctly, and ensure you receive the maximum benefits you’re entitled to. And, if your claim is denied, a lawyer can represent you in fighting the decision and pursuing your rights. There are no legal fees paid unless and until there is a favorable resolution.

The bottom line is that handling a workers' compensation claim while recovering from a workplace injury can be overwhelming. A Miami workers' compensation lawyer can take on this burden, allowing you to focus on your recovery.

Speak to an Experienced Miami Workers’ Compensation Lawyer with Experience Handling Agricultural Worker Injuries

If you’re injured on the job, knowing your rights and the benefits that may be available to you is vital. Working with an experienced workers' compensation lawyer at Friedman Rodman Frank & Estrada can make all the difference in navigating this challenging time and ensuring you receive all the support you need. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help—your health and future depend on it. At Friedman Rodman Frank & Estrada, we offer free consultations and will not accept payment for our services unless we are able to connect you with the benefits you deserve. We handle cases throughout Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, as well as across South Florida. Our staff members speaks Spanish and Creole as well. To learn more call us at (305) 448-8585 or by completing our online contact form.

Client Reviews
Carolyn Frank and her firm represented me on a workers compensation injury case, under the defense base act. She did a excellent job from the moment I contacted her until 3 years later the case was settled. Every benefit I was entitled too, Carolyn fought hard to secure. E-mails and phone calls were always returned promptly. Definitely 5 star rating. Daniel
I can't express how grateful I am for Elizabeth Estrada, attorney, and Elizabeth Cantin, secretary, for all the hard work in order to defend me in my time of need. My lawyer and secretary spent time explaining each step and what was to be expected. Because of this I felt a part of the whole process and understood what was going on. Thank you so much for all your hard work!
 Nicole D.
Attorney Elizabeth Estrada did an amazing job representing one of my family members. She is knowledgeable, genuine, trustworthy, and one of the most hard working attorneys that I know. She was readily available to assist my family member throughout the entire process. I felt confident my family was in great hands. Krystine C.

Carolyn is very professional. Honest since the beginning of the process till the end. She set up a game plan with you at the consultation and makes it happen. Peterlee G.
I would like to thank the staff of Friedman Rodman Frank & Estrada, P.A. The staff is professional. My attorney, Ronald Rodman, was responsive towards my email and a great advocate on my behalf for my car accident. I highly recommend this office. I hope that I will not get in a car accident again, but if I do, I'm calling Mr. Rodman. Orlando R.